Saturday, June 30, 2012

1 Extra Second

Today I was informed that you get one extra second in your day.  What can you do in 1 second?

-kiss your child
-hug your parents
-reply to a text message
-nod off for a nap
-jump in the pool
and so much more.

So today.. Enjoy your extra second :)

YES I know I'm SO behind on blogging.  The shortform is this:
June was fun!

Friends across the road sold their home and bought a new one (1.5 hours away)
Fathers Day!
Play Days at school
Volunteering at school
Working on gardens
Cleaned house
Went to a baby shower
Grad banquet for youth
Grandma (my grandma) came home from the hospital
Kyler graduated to grade 2!!!
Quinton became a SK :-)
Began our vacation in Sarnia
Mom broke leg

What a fun month!