Sunday, December 28, 2014

What a Christmas!!

Our Christmas wasn't at all what we planned but was amazing none the less!

We had our first bit of Christmas on the 23rd when Celine, Jack's girlfriend, came for dinner with my parents.  We opened gifts afterwards that were to and from Celine.  The boys loved it! They are super excited to open their volcano set in the spring/summer. 

Arnold and I got a beautiful print from IKEA.  It's now on our wall and looks PERFECT there!

That night my mom was in such pain.  We couldn't figure out what was wrong and ended up in the emerge room at the hospital.  I have to admit... I'm not often the "extra" person. And it was nice.  All in all the emergency room was fantastic!  We got there around 10pm and were home by 2:30pm.  It did take a bit to get her in as they were busy but I'm impressed.  I understand Mom isn't but hey, it went well for Toronto

The next morning was just as if nothing had happen.  We did some running around, cleaning up and the boys did some work.  Then Papa and Nana took the "kids" (Kyler, Quinton, and their kid Jack) to the movies.  They saw Night at the Museum 3.  They had a lot of fun.  Arnold and I stayed home and wrapped those last second gifts and had a shower.

When the kids got home we had some munchies and prepped for supper.  We shortly turned around and went to the Candle light service at Heron Park Baptist Church, where Arnold, the boys and I have been attending.  We had a wonderful time!  So full! 

We had supper (Tacos) as soon as we got home and the boys headed to bed around 10pm.  Got to get to sleep before Santa comes!

We were all in bed by 11pm.

The next morning I got a text message at 4am from my mom saying that her and Quinton were up and that they had counted stockings and were so excited that they only had 2 more hours to wait!  We were all up shortly after 6am.

We had such a "lazy" Christmas.  It was fantastic!  We opened our stockings, then 2 Santa gifts.  Kyler got a scooter he has been longing over.  And Quinton got some minecraft books and sword/pickaxe.  Quinton had also received a Lego set in his stocking so he went right to work on that and Kyler went right to work on his scooter with Daddy and Papa.  Jack and I started breakfast.  Then everyone went out to try the scooter.  It's weight goes up to 220lbs so they were all on it going up and down the road having a blast.  Nana liked it so much she got her own on boxing day!

Then we came in and opened some more gifts, and had some breakfast, then more gifts, then a scooter/dog walk break, then more gifts, then cinnamon bun break, then more gifts, then play time/prep the turkey, then more gifts.. as you can see this went on for a while.  We did finish the tree gifts until 2:30pm.

We had nap time/build Lego time after gifts.  We even pulled up an extra table for building.  We all took some walks around and then home for prepping dinner. Which I believe was served at 5:30/6pm.  And it was AMAZING!  If I do say so myself!  Everyone got something they wanted.  We had turkey for me.  Ham for my brother.  Mashed potatoes for Arnold.  Sweet potatoes for my parents and Kyler.  Stuffing for Quinton and I.  Sugared Carrots for Arnold.  Brussels sprouts in cheese and bacon sauce for me (and forcing my mom to eat "the green balls from hell").  Asparagus for mom.  Cauliflower for Mom and Dad.  and gravy!!!

Then we went on a nice walk around the neighbourhood!  Who knew plus 8 would be great weather for Christmas.  When we came home we cleaned up and had dessert of Pumpkin pie for Q; Apple pie for K and Arnold; Key lime pie for Jack; whipping cream for me; ice cream for Arnold and fruit tray for Mom and Dad (but I don't believe that ever came out!

Then we went to bed.  Tummies full and happy.

Boxing day we did ALOT more Lego!  Kyler got this amazing set from his Aunt Sasha, Uncle Jason, Kasmira, Mattea, Jorgie, Uncle Chris and Soon-to-be Auntie Ashley.  He has been putting it together for 4 days now and loving every minute!

Quinton got 3 sets of Lego.  He got a Minecraft set (endermen or something?) and 2 Star Wars sets from Aunt Sasha, Uncle Jason, Kasmira, Mattea, Jorgie, Uncle Chris and Soon-to-be Auntie Ashley.  He loves them!  So much he went out and spent his money from Grandma and Grandpa Visser to buy a little attachment set for them.  He is just in awe and has been playing with them non stop since Christmas morning!  They love them!

We also did some Boxing Day shopping.  There was almost no one out there!  I really expected way more going on but nope!  Nice and easy.  Mom and I went out and she got some new jeans (yeah mom for size 10!!).  Then Jack and Dad went out and got the scooter for mom and a new chair for dad. 

That night mom and I decluttered and cleaned and re-arranged our living room/dinning room.  We are getting everything ready for a big reno for us soon.  We are going to be reno'ing our little kitchen so we wanted to move some things around.  It was hard work and my body is STILL sore from moving everything but it works for now!  We have to make a trip to IKEA to get some baskets and then we are done!!

Papa and Nana went home on the 27th in the morning.  They had a great time chilling out at our house and took the puppies home with them. 

Shortly after the boys, Arnold and I went out for lunch and did some shopping at Chapters and a few electronic places and then home. 

Celine came over for dinner and her and Jack headed out for the weekend.

That's when I started paper work.  I now have a HUGE box to shred and my bills are organized and I'm ready for at least 2015, maybe more!  I have one box of bills/papers for upstairs and one box for the basement (things that need to be kept)

I even got a few minutes to go over things and see how we are doing.

It's been a world wind Christmas but I've loved every second of it!

Now to get ready for New Years Eve Fondue, and National Tinfoil Day!!!