Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Don't judge. You don't know me!

I'm sitting here at the community center watching my son play basketball.  He just started tonight.  And while his skills aren't steller I'm very proud!  He is doing things already that I have never seen him do!!

While I'm sitting here watching my son these two teens/young parents sit down at a table behind me and start talking.  I overhear "oh my gosh!  That woman in the blue giving thumbs up to her kid need to lose weight!  She should be in there with her kid working that fat off"

First... Yes I gave my son a thumbs up.  He rocks!  I'm proud of him and my only way to show it is to give him a thumbs up as I can't yell at him (glassed in gym)

Second... Yes!  I need to lose weight.  But what you don't know and don't care to even ask is that I am trying.

Today my workout partner and I did 59 minutes in the gym... Just around the corner from the gym my son is in now!  In fact we both are proud for running for 1 minute and working off over 500 calories according to the machines.

So... Before you judge someone again, take a minute to think that they may be doing something about it already!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Relax... Things get better

This week was hard.  We had received a message from our bank that they had seriously miscalculated our taxes.... By almost $2,000.00 for this year.  Talk about a hold crap moment! 

Because of this we figured we would be screwed... Completely.  They wanted to up our payments by $200.00 per pay (so twice a month = $400.00 a month).  I don't have $400.00 a month.  I would have to get a part time job, on top of my already part time job just to make this work!  Or Arnold would have to pick up a pager rotation every week... And that is not possible.

We spent much of the week very tense, very worried and very scared as Arnold tried to contact our bank.

Let me be real right now... We will never ever use this bank again if we can help it.  Their customer service is horrible!!

Arnold made an appointment to see this guy on Saturday but then the guy emailed him and said that he was all booked and to come on Thursday.  So Arnold went.  They were able to work out something so it only goes up by $75.00 per pay now.  Which is going to be hard but we will make it work.  I know we will.  It means less going to pay down credit cards but it will work.

On Friday, during my work time, I got a call from my name insurance company.  Turns out they were able to recover our $1000.00 deductible from Arnold's bike.  The guy who hit him, his insurance company paid up!  We are so excited!!!!  This means the whole bike situation is totally over.

The best part?  We can put that $1000.00 on our tax portion of our mortgage!

See?  Life does get better.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I wonder what...

Ever have those days when you wonder what you were doing... a day ago?  On your past birthday?  a year ago?

Sometimes I have those moments.

I started thinking I was finally "at home" with school this year and then I started to wonder... what was I doing last year at this time?

Wanna know?

I was praying.

Sure, sure.  Praying.  Easy answer right?

Seriously.  I was praying.

I remember walking to school.  The boys were so excited and I was praying as we walked down the road.  I was praying for my Mom-in-law.  I was praying for the doctors.  I was praying for my brother's there.  I was praying for my Dad-in-law.  I was praying.  Hard.

I was praying for the surgery to go well.

I was texting Jason and Chris to find out how things were going.

I was very very worried.

Eventually I was able to relax a bit.  Anything that could have happen before was done with and "we" were in surgery.  Then you wait...

I remember having talked to Annie before and making sure I could update my friends and family on FB with how things were going.  I remember slowly updating people.  And more importantly.. having more and more people praying for us.

I remember getting the text message from Jason telling me she was out of surgery and doing ok.

Then Chris texted and said the same thing.  They were going to hang out a bit more and then would let me know.

The rest of the day I remember it being much of a blur.  I was so happy that surgery had gone well.

Then came the road to recovery for Annie. 

So how unique that today she is having surgery again today.  She will be having her other breast removed.  She is so upbeat about this surgery, so happy and so excited to start this part of her journey and end another.

I am so incredibly proud to have Annie as my mom-in-law.  What an inspiring person.

Whenever I see this video it reminds me of Annie

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Solving the worlds problems... in the bathroom.

That's right ladies and gents!

I can solve the worlds problems in the bathroom!

Last week a friend texted me.  You know those mommy problems?  The ones when you have the moment you think you can handle EVERYTHING and then you realize you can't?  That's one of those.

Yep I can solve it!

Two weeks ago the boys were yelling at each other about something trivial.  Somehow, my mommy powers kicked in and I was able to solve the problem while getting in a two second break in the bathroom.

Surprised?  I know right!

It's always amazes me that a simple thing as "going to the bathroom" becomes the place you fix everything.  Sometimes it's the one space I can pull out my phone for a few seconds and catch up on the day.  Sometimes it's the one space I can check my hair and my teeth then run out the door.

BC (Before children) the bathroom was something totally different.  When I had kids then it became the place to run to in and out of nap times.  Now that my babies are older, I actually get to use the bathroom like a "normal person".  However it doesn't mean the same thing.

I'm still solving problems in the bathroom by yelling "wear pants!  It's cold out" or "stop fighting, give it back!" or sometimes " sit down right now and I will deal with you when I get out".

So here is a mom..... solving the worlds problems in the bathroom.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekends off!

Do you remember what it's like to have a weekend off?  To have nothing planned?  nothing to do?

yeah.. me either.

Every once and a while I have a weekend that seems to be off.  Maybe one or two things happening, but generally a weekend where nothing is planned.  But not always.

This weekend is one of those.  I had on my schedule to go to the bridal shower at church.  It's a post bridal shower.... if that makes sense.  The couple got married in the summer but there wasn't enough time in their schedule for a bridal shower then so they are having one now.

Then Sunday was church and hanging out with our neighbours.

But... kindergarten had another plan.

Those cute, sweet, germy kids helped to infect me!  I got "the cold".  You know... that one that everyone gets when coming back to school?  Yea... that's me.

So instead of a nice chilling out weekend... I'm snuggled up in bed, or on the couch, in a blanket.

I guess it's a good reason to not clean right?

Thankfully my hubby has some awesome plans and he and the boys (and the boys down the road) have done a big bike ride.  We are also hosting a bit of a games afternoon here.  I'm excited to see how the boys do with our new games!

I'm just lucky to have a rest.  While it's not an actual "weekend off" I did enjoy resting.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Mom's Night Out

Have you seen it?  Seriously?  If not, stop reading and go watch it. 

Right now.


ok are you back now?

I just watched this movie the other night and it was awesome :)  I loved it.  I'm not one to really promote movies but this one was so great.

I was really challenged by the main character.  She is a "mommy blogger".  I kept remembering that I loved blogging. 

who am I kidding... I LOVE blogging!

I just never seem to have the time. 

Yes, I'm basically a stay at home mom, and I only "work" 1.5-2 hours per day but still... not enough time!

I miss being able to put my "voice" out into the world.  Not long ago I was told that I need to be careful with my words and what I say online.  How I let the world in on my own life, and how people see my family, my friends.  Ever since then I haven't written a lot.  I've been so worried.  It was the hardest criticism I've had and I took it to heart because of those who told it to me. 


Now I want to be back into my life.

I want to share my world, my world view, my world!  It's mine to share and I am going to do it.

Sure... I'm going to piss people off.  I'm going to make people laugh.  I hope I will make people see our little family, our little world.

So here we go!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sad Mail Reminders

I've finally had the chance to go through the mail from Friday.  And you know what I found?  A mailing from "Enfagrow".  It was some samples for children 12 to 36 months. 

who knew... you still get samples after you bury your child.

I didn't think it would bother me so much but it did.  I'm unsure how to handle all of this.  I mean, really it's something I can throw out.  And yet... somehow I just can't.  It's been sitting on the chair beside my chair in the living room. I am sure I will toss it soon but I'm just not there.

Can you believe my baby would have been almost 2 years old if he had survived on his born to heaven date?  And if he was born on his actual due date he would be just over a year and a bit. 

A year!  wow.  Walking, talking and being as cute as ever. 

Instead he is in heaven. 

Oh how my life has changed in such a short period of time.

While I am so blessed with my family on earth, I am equally as blessed with my family in heaven.

So today, I miss my baby.  More than ever...

Monday, September 1, 2014

Tomoorrow, Tomorrow........

Can you believe tomorrow is the first day of school?

Can you believe tomorrow is the first day of grade 4/2?

Can you believe tomorrow is the first day of a new meal plan?

Can you believe tomorrow is the first day of following a teaching plan?

Can you believe tomorrow is the first day of me going to a gym?

Crazy right?

I've been counting down to the end of summer for a while now.  I'm excited to go back to work and to see my friends/teachers/students.  It's so exciting!

But now.  Now that school is here it's hard to believe. 

Tomorrow I will take the "first day of school" photos; the boys will pack their lunches and put them in their new backpacks; Arnold and I will walk the boys to school.  We will watch as the kids get organized into the classroom lineups.  I'll keep taking pictures of them going into the school with their classes.  Arnold and I will then walk home, hand in hand.  He will leave for work, most likely on his bike.  And I will do a few odd jobs around the house, then head to work at school.

I will be working on getting our family on a new healthy meal plan.  I'm hoping it works.  Not just for the boys, but for me as well. 

I'm also working on following a teaching plan!!  How cool is that?  I'm very excited to follow plans that have been set out and organized for the year.  Every week something new, and something planned out.  It will be really amazing to watch how the year unfolds!

Not only that, but my friend and I are joining a gym :)  Crazy right?  Seriously thought... we are joining a gym.  It's a three month trial to see how much we go.  Who knows!

So Tomorrow..... tomorrow, we open our eyes and we see how our lives move on this school year.