Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekends off!

Do you remember what it's like to have a weekend off?  To have nothing planned?  nothing to do?

yeah.. me either.

Every once and a while I have a weekend that seems to be off.  Maybe one or two things happening, but generally a weekend where nothing is planned.  But not always.

This weekend is one of those.  I had on my schedule to go to the bridal shower at church.  It's a post bridal shower.... if that makes sense.  The couple got married in the summer but there wasn't enough time in their schedule for a bridal shower then so they are having one now.

Then Sunday was church and hanging out with our neighbours.

But... kindergarten had another plan.

Those cute, sweet, germy kids helped to infect me!  I got "the cold".  You know... that one that everyone gets when coming back to school?  Yea... that's me.

So instead of a nice chilling out weekend... I'm snuggled up in bed, or on the couch, in a blanket.

I guess it's a good reason to not clean right?

Thankfully my hubby has some awesome plans and he and the boys (and the boys down the road) have done a big bike ride.  We are also hosting a bit of a games afternoon here.  I'm excited to see how the boys do with our new games!

I'm just lucky to have a rest.  While it's not an actual "weekend off" I did enjoy resting.

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