Friday, September 19, 2014

Mom's Night Out

Have you seen it?  Seriously?  If not, stop reading and go watch it. 

Right now.


ok are you back now?

I just watched this movie the other night and it was awesome :)  I loved it.  I'm not one to really promote movies but this one was so great.

I was really challenged by the main character.  She is a "mommy blogger".  I kept remembering that I loved blogging. 

who am I kidding... I LOVE blogging!

I just never seem to have the time. 

Yes, I'm basically a stay at home mom, and I only "work" 1.5-2 hours per day but still... not enough time!

I miss being able to put my "voice" out into the world.  Not long ago I was told that I need to be careful with my words and what I say online.  How I let the world in on my own life, and how people see my family, my friends.  Ever since then I haven't written a lot.  I've been so worried.  It was the hardest criticism I've had and I took it to heart because of those who told it to me. 


Now I want to be back into my life.

I want to share my world, my world view, my world!  It's mine to share and I am going to do it.

Sure... I'm going to piss people off.  I'm going to make people laugh.  I hope I will make people see our little family, our little world.

So here we go!

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