Sunday, September 28, 2014

Relax... Things get better

This week was hard.  We had received a message from our bank that they had seriously miscalculated our taxes.... By almost $2,000.00 for this year.  Talk about a hold crap moment! 

Because of this we figured we would be screwed... Completely.  They wanted to up our payments by $200.00 per pay (so twice a month = $400.00 a month).  I don't have $400.00 a month.  I would have to get a part time job, on top of my already part time job just to make this work!  Or Arnold would have to pick up a pager rotation every week... And that is not possible.

We spent much of the week very tense, very worried and very scared as Arnold tried to contact our bank.

Let me be real right now... We will never ever use this bank again if we can help it.  Their customer service is horrible!!

Arnold made an appointment to see this guy on Saturday but then the guy emailed him and said that he was all booked and to come on Thursday.  So Arnold went.  They were able to work out something so it only goes up by $75.00 per pay now.  Which is going to be hard but we will make it work.  I know we will.  It means less going to pay down credit cards but it will work.

On Friday, during my work time, I got a call from my name insurance company.  Turns out they were able to recover our $1000.00 deductible from Arnold's bike.  The guy who hit him, his insurance company paid up!  We are so excited!!!!  This means the whole bike situation is totally over.

The best part?  We can put that $1000.00 on our tax portion of our mortgage!

See?  Life does get better.

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