Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Solving the worlds problems... in the bathroom.

That's right ladies and gents!

I can solve the worlds problems in the bathroom!

Last week a friend texted me.  You know those mommy problems?  The ones when you have the moment you think you can handle EVERYTHING and then you realize you can't?  That's one of those.

Yep I can solve it!

Two weeks ago the boys were yelling at each other about something trivial.  Somehow, my mommy powers kicked in and I was able to solve the problem while getting in a two second break in the bathroom.

Surprised?  I know right!

It's always amazes me that a simple thing as "going to the bathroom" becomes the place you fix everything.  Sometimes it's the one space I can pull out my phone for a few seconds and catch up on the day.  Sometimes it's the one space I can check my hair and my teeth then run out the door.

BC (Before children) the bathroom was something totally different.  When I had kids then it became the place to run to in and out of nap times.  Now that my babies are older, I actually get to use the bathroom like a "normal person".  However it doesn't mean the same thing.

I'm still solving problems in the bathroom by yelling "wear pants!  It's cold out" or "stop fighting, give it back!" or sometimes " sit down right now and I will deal with you when I get out".

So here is a mom..... solving the worlds problems in the bathroom.

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