Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Don't judge. You don't know me!

I'm sitting here at the community center watching my son play basketball.  He just started tonight.  And while his skills aren't steller I'm very proud!  He is doing things already that I have never seen him do!!

While I'm sitting here watching my son these two teens/young parents sit down at a table behind me and start talking.  I overhear "oh my gosh!  That woman in the blue giving thumbs up to her kid need to lose weight!  She should be in there with her kid working that fat off"

First... Yes I gave my son a thumbs up.  He rocks!  I'm proud of him and my only way to show it is to give him a thumbs up as I can't yell at him (glassed in gym)

Second... Yes!  I need to lose weight.  But what you don't know and don't care to even ask is that I am trying.

Today my workout partner and I did 59 minutes in the gym... Just around the corner from the gym my son is in now!  In fact we both are proud for running for 1 minute and working off over 500 calories according to the machines.

So... Before you judge someone again, take a minute to think that they may be doing something about it already!

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