Saturday, October 4, 2014

Some Days are Just Crazy

Today I realized that my "job" is way more than people give me credit for. 

I'd like to give you a glimpse in on what happens in on of my semi-typical days at school.  I may not be a teacher, or an ECE, or an Educator of any significance.... and that may be my downfall later... but this is how my days can go:

Get to school and find todays work "hinted at" in a pile on a chair
Take down a table to get some work done
Go to the office, and sign in, collect attendance and any extra work that needs to be done
Make announcement for chocolate bar and RH gear
Empty the School Council Box and find out what children have brought in money or forms for new chocolate bar boxes
Go back to the office and get a deposit bag, zip and slip
Once reaching my room begin paperwork for chocolate bar needs
Start sorting envelope money and getting the pre-paperwork done
Sort out change and begin counting

This is where my "teaching partner" comes in and helps me out and we chat about our nights.  Sometimes it's just random things that happen, sometimes its venting over emails or something that may have happen, and sometimes it's just talking. 

We count the money together and talk about what jobs need to be done today and begin prepping out loud what needs  to get done.

TeachP leaves and ECE comes in.  We talk about what the plan for the day is (Plan A, as we know things change all the time) talk about what happen on day 4 (in our case, it's also a Friday... which means reading buddies, then in the PM we have extra play time).  We even had a conversation about photocopying and how to do it.

I left to go to classrooms and hand out candy and forms for new chocolate bar boxes.
Photo copy new classroom poem for the week

Go back to class and start organizing more chocolate bar stuff (can you figure out what our current fundraiser is?)
Talk about the fundraiser that we are currently doing and hope to do soon and the costs and possible profits with TeachP.
Begin filing and prepping the Friday folder and our trip papers
Get called by the office to be an Emergency SNA for the day
Clean up quickly and head to the office to get schedule

Head to Room 2 for work and then to get a student to go out for recess
Have break and spend it working with "my kids"
Walked into the room to see TeachP getting a change of clothes for someone who had an accident; the kids playing around and snack still on the table!  Talk about a world wind!
Got kids organized for Reading Buddies and got them out in the hall and then changed place with TeachP and went to the kid needing to be changed
Child got cleaned and ready to go and ECE brought them to their reading buddy
Finished cleaning up a bit and went to reading buddies

Got a snack and headed back to my ESNA position for the day
Worked with some kids
Back to room 1 to work with some students there
Left at 11:15 to get to my actual Paying Job!

Work (11:15 - 12:45)

Did attendance and some prep in the classroom
Sign out and go workout with Lori!  (one of my favourite part of the day)

Back at school by 2:20pm
Get more Chocolate bar boxes and prep them
Finish updating the fundraising plans
Talk out Monday plans with TeachP
Help tidy up in the room
Make sure the kids lockers are cleaned up
Sing the good bye song

Help prep dismissal and stick around

Then it's back to the classroom and finish talking about plans for Monday/Tuesdays and next years September, and things we want to change.

And then home by 3:15pm

Sometimes... our days always seem WAY more crazy than we think.

Now I'm so tired

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