Thursday, October 16, 2014

Happy Birthday To ME!

Today is my birthday.

To celebrate... I'm hanging out with a sick Mr. Q.

What a celebration right?

You know.... if you had asked me when I was 12 what I thought I'd be doing in 20 years... never EVER would I have thought of being home with my sick kid. 

I believe I would have thought something along the lines of having a big party with friends.  Or maybe being given jewelry or be going on a romantic vacation.  Or maybe just hanging out with my family.

But where I am in life... I'm not sure.

I guess I thought I would be a dentist (my first dream) or maybe a music teacher (my second dream) or maybe just a mom (my forever dream).

And here I am.  32 years old and home with my sick baby.

What have I learned over the past year?

Lets see, this could be a long list so I'll go for the top 10

10 - Gods love never fails us.  no matter what is going on or how we are doing His love is always there.

9 - We finally OWN a home!  While the bank still owns a lot of it, we are working to pay it off.  It hasn't been easy but it's amazing to make this happen.  I'm so proud of my hubby for finding this home for us.

8 - My family is amazing.  Not just my living family of 4 but everyone in our lives.  From my "other family member, Uncle Jack", to the babies we lost, to the extended family on both sides, to my neighbours who slowly become more like family.  We are all so blessed!

7 - Sometimes you have to fight for what you think is right.  And sometimes, you don't.  Its a matter of deciding what is the best thing to fight for and go for it. 

6 - My job, paid or volunteer, is who I am.  I will always be "Kyler and Quinton's mom" but now I'm Ms. V at school.  I'm actually part of the school team and I love it.  My job really is a part of who I am and I am so happy I can give back in this way.

5 - Eating healthy can be fun!  I know this one sounds silly but this past summer we worked on portion control (which we need to get back to these winter months) and eating fresh food.  We did great and the food from Mama Earth helped so much!  I actually like eating healthy now!

4 - As much as I want to do everything, or almost everything, I have to remember to give myself a break and ask for help.  I'm slowly getting there with things in our house, but I'm going to need to work harder on things in my life as well.  It's hard to ask for help sometimes.

3 - Spending a little time on me is ok.  I keep telling myself this but I'm slowly realizing it.  This year (school year), Lori and I have been working out almost every afternoon.  The past two weeks have sucked for it but we generally get in an hour 4 days a week.  I love it!  It makes me feel good about myself.

2 - I miss spending time in my kitchen.  For the longest time the kitchen was the dumping ground in our house.  And while I love having a house, the kitchen sucks... you can't turn around without hitting someone.  We have had problem after problem with it since moving in. But since us redoing the kitchen (hello $20,000.00) isn't possible right now we aren't going to be able to do it.  I have slowly started spending more time in the kitchen and I love it.  A lot!

1 - Some things are worth trying once.  Even if you fail.  Just to say you've tried. 

Well... I should get off this thing and take care of Q.  Thankgoodness for nap time while sick!

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