Sunday, October 26, 2014

What do your kids do?

Today I realized my kids do ALOT in our home.

For example this weekend the boys did:

Their own laundry (bring it downstairs, put in washer *clothes only or towels only* and started with soap, flip to dryer *emptying lint traps* and started with bounce sheet in it, empty dryer to couch and put folded clothes away in their own room.

Made muffins (found bowls, ingredients, mixed in mixing bowl, cracked eggs, added water, mixed, put into muffin tins, put in oven.  Daddy took them out of the oven.  then put on cooling racks)

Did own homework (science, math, reading, etc)

Yard work (raked the lawn, put in bags, did some lawn cutting, put sticks out and put the bags and containers where they belong, did compost as well)

Did housework (swept the floor, did dishes, cleaned the table, put towels away, put kitchen stuff away)

Cleaned the front area (paired down shoes, organized area they change clothes, put donations into a pile, cleaned and organized the black container for toys, threw out toys they were done with or were broken)

"Winterized" their room (put their shorts away, went through hand me down clothes they liked, put all the clothes away, washed their sheets on their beds, made their beds with clean sheets, put up shelves in their room and downsized their "trinkets")

As you can see my boys do a lot.  I am so proud of them for being so helpful and so amazing when it comes to our day to day lives. 

We are blessed.  What do your kids do?

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