Monday, November 3, 2014

It's hard being a parent

These past few weeks we have had to deal with how to handle our boys.  Not just because they are boys.... lets be serious the "boys will be boys" is true, but because of school.

Last year was a hard year for Kyler.  We had pushed hard to have his teacher bring him to "team" and have him accessed.  Every time we asked for it to happen she would give as an answer that I was never to happy about.

Finally, at the end of the year we got it done!  Thank goodness.  We finally have our plan in place for Kyler's education.

This year started out bumpy.  We didn't find out until about half way through October that his new teacher hadn't even seen his reports!

oh man

Now we are getting the kiddo back on track!  We have had homework problems, agenda issues, and now test problems.

Kyler's homework wasn't getting done before.  We couldn't understand why things aren't getting done.  But now... we realized it has to do with his agenda not getting done.  Now that his teacher is on board with his he is getting his agenda done and signed EVERY DAY and he is doing AMAZING!  I'm so proud of him.

This past week he brought his agenda home every day, signed by the teacher, and had his homework done every day as well!  His treat was the haunted house on Thursday night.  I'm so proud!

Using his agenda is better now.  With it being signed every day and coming home for me to look at we are getting more done.

The bad part is we are still dealing with the affects of before getting the agenda done.

Today was another kick in the gut. 

Kyler brought home his spelling test.  We had problems with this before the agenda was being checked and so his mark... 3/13.  I just about cried!

And with report cards coming home any day now it makes it so much worse!

I'm just praying we can turn this around and get it better.

Tomorrow is his first test since getting on track with the agenda.  And we are just about ready!

Whoever said parenting could be easy was SO wrong.

Parenting is hard... especially when it comes to your kids in school.

While I may not have done well in school, or ever been the best student, I vow to be the best parent and stand behind my son.  If it's holding him up when he falls, I'll be there.  If it's holding his arms up in cheers, I'll be there.  If it's holding his hand when he needs encouragement, I'll be there.

I'll be there, even if it makes me cry when he does bad on tests.  And I'll be the first to post pictures of those tests that he improves on!

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