Sunday, November 9, 2014

Slowing Down

I just flipped my calendar (late I know) and noticed that my November isn't as crazy as September and October.

Things are finally slowing down for us.

But this always brings on the "stress sickies" as my hubby calls them.

Stress Sickies (for someone who has never heard of this) is when you get sick from a lack of stressful things in your life.

This has always happened for/to me.  It's just one of those things I guess.  When I was younger and didn't know how to handle stress my body did it for me!  I'd get VERY sick.

Now it's just a "crappy day or 3".  Today was one of those days.  My body was just shutting down.  I knew I needed to get things done but somehow I just didn't want to get moving.

Thankfully, things are slowing down.

Sports clubs, cooking clubs, our "fit family fun" time, our swimming lessons and such all come to a close at the end of this month.  While I'm enjoying my kids going to these places I feel as though December is a good time to have things calm down.

I get to try and stay on top of working out for myself.  I get to try and stay on top of keeping my house clean.  I get to try and stay on top of making sure homework gets done.

All those things that seem less and less important as the school year goes on. 

I'm just excited to see how everything goes.

Now that things are slowing down I'm hoping to get a few things done.  Like cooking, baking, Christmas planning and most of all decorating!

After all... 2 more days and the Christmas stuff comes up!!

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