Tuesday, November 18, 2014



It won't be long before we'll all be there with
That's right!  Snow!
We got our first snowfall this weekend. 
We had a very busy Saturday finishing up our Christmas Shopping and getting things done.  Kyler and Arnold did the dishes when we came home.  And before we left, Jack and Quinton raked the lawn.
It was perfect!
Now we have a nice clean yard and it's currently covered in snow.
I love snow!
It was great to get the kids outside and get them playing in the snow.  I love them enjoying the time outside again.
Yesterday was so darn cold though!  We had 2 indoor recess due to the rain and then one outside in the slush. 
I really do love snow!
It's great for the kids.  They have developed a plan for making hats.  And it's so cute!  I'm so proud of them!!
Anywho... I love snow!  I'm so happy we got it this early!

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