Monday, October 20, 2014

Got Bread?

A few years ago my dad reluctantly gave me the family bread maker.

It has such good memories.

When I was younger I remember my dad taking the bread maker with us on family vacations.  The one I remember the most is going skiing.  We would spend the day on the slopes and then Dad would make bread.  It was so nice coming home to the fantastic smell!  It was amazing.

We now have our family bread maker.

Our family has now been using it for a while now.  Almost 2 loaves a week.  It's very very rare we don't make bread during the week.

This past holiday we got a few loaves of bread from my parents.  We just finished the bread this morning and now are in need of a few more loaves :)

I guess it's time to start our family tradition again... and get that maker going!

Thankfully... it's a whole family thing.  The boys help make the bread and they love every step of it!

So tomorrow morning... we will have to start a new loaf so we have something for lunches this week :)

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