Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hi! Have you met the most amazing man?


Have you met the most amazing man?  A man who does everything and anything? 

No really!  He does!

Sometimes it's not until you don't have something that you recognize how "lucky/blessed" you are.

When Arnold and I moved to Toronto and we were making friends I'd tell them about Arnold and the things he does for our family.  A lot of the time I'd get the following responses:

"No way!  How long did it take to train him?"

"You know if he came from a box that way you'd make millions"

"You are so lucky!"

"When you are done with him, pass him over!"

"What's he doing this weekend?  Could he hang out with my husband... maybe something will rub off and my husband can be more like yours"

To be honest... it never really clicked.

YES!  My husband is incredible.

YES!  I know this!

NO!  I didn't "train/teach/bribe/withhold" anything to get this

NO!  I'm not sharing.

He is the glue that holds our family together

Arnold is not only the one that makes this house work, by working.  But he is the one who can smooth things over with everyone.  Sometimes my brother drives me crazy!  And lets be real, this happens to everyone.  But not everyone lives with their brother.  We do, and are SOOO lucky!  He is awesome for the boys.  He is so great with them and we love it.  But sometimes we grate on each other.  This is where one of Arnold's amazing powers comes in.  He can talk to Jack about things that bore me to death.  He can talk to Jack about things that are pissing me off.  And more so, Arnold can be a friend when the time is needed.

Arnold is gone this week, as I've said before.  And hey!  I figured, single parenting would be fun right?  No.  My first night alone ended up with a little boy in my bed because he had an accident.  And I'm sure you can figure out all the work that comes with that!

But I've learned more of the things he does around our house.

For example........

*I knew tomorrow was a "garbage day" but not which garbage day.  Is it a GARBAGE day?  or a RECYLCING day?  Was it both? 

Once I figured out it was an actual garbage day, I figured no big deal.

*then came finding the bags for the garbage.

Who knew those were all downstairs in one spot (yes, he does every single garbage bag in my house!)

*After that came the realization that the compost had to go out and I wasn't 100% sure where those bags were kept.

Found them!

*I realized the floor was getting icky and should be swept......

Guess who does that normally? Yep... Arnold.  Guess it's me this week.

*Our recycling can was "throwing up" in the kitchen....

And another "Arnold job".

There is so much he does around here.

I forgot to lock up last night and had to come back upstairs to make sure the doors were locked up because this is another job Arnold does.

Eating dinner and having to put my own dishes away. 

Yes, I am that lucky.

Way more than I thought.

I am so glad our boys have Arnold as an example of what a man/husband should be like.  Sometimes these examples are few and far between.  But Arnold is in their lives every day.  He shows them how to treat their wives by how he treats me.  He shows them how to be an incredible uncle by how he treats our nieces.  He shows them how to be neighbourly by hanging out with the neighbourhood kids/families.  He leads by example when helping in our school.

So, I'm not the "lucky" one.  I'm not "spoiled".

I'm married to an incredible man.  An amazing man.  A Godly man. A man who loves me...

And a man who I love more than I ever thought possible.

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  1. My favorite part of this post is the paragraph about the boys. You forgot that Arnold fixes things at you know where too :) He's a man of many talents. Thanks Arnold! -Jeanie