Monday, November 14, 2011

Yes! Before the month is half over!

FINALLY!! I have time to make another post. Things have been crazy this month and don't seem to stop for a VERY long time! I'm ok with that.

This past week we had a busy time! I had the little boy I babysit Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Arnold and I had doctors appointments on Wednesday morning. Quinton had his very first class trip on Friday, which Arnold went too. Thursday I also had the girls across the road as well as it was Arnolds Birthday! Wow what a busy day!

This week is a bit slower. Today I"m getting the house cleaned up and new decorations put up! I'm excited for Christmas. It is my favourite holiday for sure! I love the smiles people have, the smells in the air, the lights at night and just everything!! I'm excited.

Today I have already put away the Halloween decorations (minus one napkin that needed to be washed!), and I've got the lights up on the stairs and one set plugged in, the jingle wreath up and the new scents in the house, as well as music going :) I love Christmas!

Next is to find a few more decorations to start putting up. I"m a bit behind on that since they are kinda "all over" in our house. Hopefully I can get everything out of the way and Arnold can help me bring them up. I'm excited for our house to be Christmassy !!

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