Monday, April 18, 2016

Diary of a Wimpy Mom

I am a wimpy mom.  

I am not one that deals with vomit well.  

I can't handle when my kids are sick.  I hate seeing them in pain.

I hate it when my kids fall down and there is blood.  I can do it to a certain amount but after that,  it's Daddy terain.  Not for me.

I still remember being about 11 or so and my mom was watching a little girl.  I was laying on the floor and she was sitting on my tummy.  She leaned over me and threw up all over my neck and chest.  I remember thinking I would never ever be able to have children.  My mom laughed and told me it's different for your own kids.

She was right.  It is different, but I"m still not at "super mom" level.

Do I like it?  NO!  

Do I deal with it?  Heck yes!  They are my babies and I am here for them the moment they need me.

Now... Me on the other hand... This is why I got married.

I decided this year I would take care of myself.  This meant getting up to date on doctors appointments.  Taking them my concerns and making sure I was getting things done right.

Well... What a backfire!

I have no been to the dentist a few times.  In March my mouth hurt.  Just for one day, the teeth on my right side hurt then it went away.  At the end of March I went back in and had them look again and my dentist goes "WOW!  You cracked your tooth!".  

This then resulted in freezing and seeing how far down the crack went... I hate needles.  TOTALLY hate needles.  So this scared me.  Thankfully my hubby was with me because the boys were going for their physicals after and we're both nervous about getting needles so Daddy was with them for that.  

I ended up holding hubbys hand well they tried to crack the tooth down and see what was going on.  Thankfully I just need a filling put in and maybe a cap... That is next weeks problem... And hubby is coming again for that one.

I went to my family doctor to get caught up on my visits and we decided to remove some skin tags and moles and see what was going on.  Today was my visit, and guess who came with me? 

That's right, my husband.  He worked on his phone while I squeezed his leg and talked about what was scaring me about this whole thing.  He was there the whole time.  

As you can tell, I'm a wimp.  A huge wimp!!  I feel back but hey, sometimes you just need a hand to hold during it all.  I am so glad that God gave me Arnold to do that for me.  

But if anyone asks, I am a wimp and proud of it!

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