Friday, August 12, 2011

August is underway!

I can't believe it! Our Last month of summer is almost over. I'm shocked! I'm not sure were everything went but we had fun that I know for sure.

From now on we have the following coming up:

This weekend is Home Depot's building date! The boys are going to build something at Home Depot at 10am on Saturday.

Saturday afternoon we have our youth group coming over for a BBQ (from 4 until 7pm if any of you youth are reading!)

Sunday is church

Monday I'm doing training and the boys are going to chill at home.

Tuesday is the zoo day

Wednesday is our travel day to Niagra Falls

Thursday to Sunday we are in Niagra Falls!

Monday to Friday is a "normal week" here and I'm training like crazy again

Friday night Auntie B and Amber come over

Saturday morning we leave at 5:45am to get there for me to get on the boat to get to the island and do the tri! After that we are doing a day at the island and maybe some back to school shopping.

Sunday we chill!

Monday to Friday is our last week off. I'm not sure what the boys and I will do.

Long weekend brings us into September! Crazyness!

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