Monday, August 8, 2011

Camp Heslop 2011 Day #4 and Day #5 ~ Wednesday and Thursday

Camp Heslop Day 4

Wednesday began with a very easy feeling to it. The campers woke up individually and came down stairs for breakfast. Kyler was helping his brother play he lego wii game that he had brought and they were having a good time. Papa had taken his car to be repaired, but came home right away because they needed his car for a longer time. We had to wake up Amber and get everyone dressed so we could follow Papa over to the repair shop. We were already out so we managed a quick stop at Zellers for a new bathing suit for Amber's. Her new, old one got a run down the side of it and it was coming apart. We found a great suit for her and it was on Sale.

As soon as we got home the new bathing suit had to be tried out so everyone got ready and headed to the pool. That is when the biggest development of the week happened. Both Amber and Kyler decided to not use water wings any more. They both worked hard to get a style of swimming that got them from point A to B. By the end of the day they were doing sitting dives off the pool side and swimming the width of the pool. Today's race was planes. We had purchased three air hog planes for them to use. These are quite the unique plane that uses an air powered motor to propel the plane through the air. We went over to the park to test out our planes. Quinton got the longest distance out of his, and was the first to tree his plane. Thankfully it fell out of the tree. Amber got her plane to circle three times. It literally looked like it was chasing the kids around the park. Kyler got the most height out of his plane. All in all they were very pleased with their results.

We went swimming again for a bit and then inside to play the lego wii game. Papa set up a timer so they could get equal amounts of time. Just before dinner, we headed over to the repair shop to get Papa's car. Supper was Tacos and the campers enjoyed building their own meals. I was surprised the amount they could eat. Quinton must have had 5 of them ( I am telling you this because of what happened the next day.) After supper they headed outside the front door to play with their planes again and then back inside for a snack and another Handy Manny story. I haven't told you this but I have been telling them the story of the Underground Railway to Canada. I am giving them an oral story about the journey of three kids Henry, Jemima and Evelyn and their journey to Canada. They are loving it.

Camp Heslop Day 5

Quinton came into the bedroom this morning at 7:30 a.m. Papa said he would go downstairs with him. I guess Papa was too long getting ready to come downstairs because Quinton came up to the bedroom and said their was an emergency, we forgot to have supper last night and he was hungry. LOL I got up and made his breakfast and started a Chuggington DVD for him to watch. The other campers were still sound asleep. Quinton must have been bored because he went behind the sofa and brought me over two dead flies. He said in a very enthusiastic voice "Here these are your new pets!" In fact it was really quiet until 10 when everyone was finally up and ready to go. Papa had to go to the states so we decided not to start our car racing until he got home. We went outside again in the front yard to fly our planes. Good thing we got the 3 dollar insurance policy from Toys R Us because we will be getting replacements for all three once camp is over. They have all developed valve leaks. It isn't that bad, but it means I have to pump up the planes frequently. It was really muggy out so we ended up in the pool again. This time Kyler and Amber began to do a lot of underwater activities. We made a couple of recordings of them and took pictures. Amber can now swim the length of the pool. Kyler taught us a new game. You have to have badminton rackets and a beach ball. Two rackets per person. I have to swim for the balls and throw them to the person with the two rackets and they wack them back somewhere in the pool. I worked so hard swimming after balls I decided to forgo my exercises today. It was almost one o'clock before we got into the house for lunch. Quinton has been having pant problems today, after two tries at getting short on him that are his own, I had to go upstairs with him to get a pair that fit. He wanted to know how I knew he had Kyler's shorts on and I told him it was because they reached his ankles. He said that was because he still wore baby sizes. He says this in the cutest baby voice.

After lunch, Papa was home and the building of the racetrack began. I know it turned out ok, but when I went upstairs for a nap, Papa was getting them to read instructions and follow them. There appeared to be some discussion on what was an B piece and what was a D piece. When I came down they were racing the cars around the track and doing very well. I guess the chocolate milk that Quinton had at lunch had finally kicked in because he was jumping all over the place. We decided it was time to go for a bike ride to the park. They are all doing really well, but the biggest improvement in riding skills has to be Amber. She even raced all over the tennis court keeping up with Kyler. You could tell she was so proud of herself. By time we got home we jumped back into the pool where I taught Kyler and Amber how to push themselves to the bottom of the pool and sit down. They were turning somersaults and laying on the pool bottom. Then it dawned on them that they could touch the bottom of the pool with their feet. It was quite the revelation and they were both overjoyed. Quinton and I played grab the ball and we both now have very interesting NANA NANA BOO BOO dances when we get the ball first. Quinton stayed in the pool a long time for one who usually pops in and out. Papa went and got us supper and we ate outside straight out of the brown bags.

This evening we watched two DVD's. Amber got her toe nails painted blue like Nana's and Quinton complained that we hadn't had dessert. One Popsicle and two cookies later he was happy. Amber and Quinton both had a touch of home sickness tonight. They want their parents. Amber has done so well considering she has been away from home for two weeks now. She really misses her sister and her mom and her dog and her dad. Quinton had a quick Skype call to his dad and mom because he was sad. Tonight was the last story about Underground to Canada. Now they want to go to Chatham next year to see Uncle Tom's cabin.

This is the final entry for Camp Heslop. Starting tomorrow it is the Family Reunion. We are in Sarnia this year so that everyone can spend time with Dad who is getting frailer and losing his memory. Thankfully the campers don't seem to remember we usually go camping in Waterloo at the end of Camp Heslop and they don't think it strange at all that all kinds of people are coming to Nana and Papa's house this weekend. But like always life at our house is one big party.

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