Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Movie Day!

Today is our "movie day". It could have been yesterday with all the movies we watched, but it's today.

Kyler is at the community centre again this week. He had alot of fun hanging out with friends and this week Thursday is their movie day. So off he went this morning. We had a dentist appointment this morning so he went over right after.

I'm watching the little girl across the road today (the big girl is at the movies with Kyler) so we are going to watch a movie here as well.

Right now the kids are playing in the basement and we just finished snack time. In a few hours they are going to come up and watch a movie, have hot chocolate, popcorn, and lunch (maybe lunch first?).

I'm excited to have something "fun" to do with the kids.

So, to all of you at home, chilling out and doing nothing, pop in a movie and enjoy Movie Day with us!

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