Monday, March 5, 2012

What a day!

You know it's a "good" day when you get alot accomplished!

My oldest stayed home from school today. He wasn't feeling 100% so we kept him home to make sure he didn't share anything at school and so that he is 100% for his birthday and for this coming weekend!

So not only have Kyler home I had my daycare boy Ian as well. My neighbour managed to bring Q home for me a lunch (thank you Brenda!!) So I had a full house. During the day I managed to:

*type up the minutes to a meeting for Above the Beach I was at on Sunday
*start supper
*clean up the dinner table
*keep Kyler entertained at the couch
*potty training with Ian
*made plans for march break and the summer with my sister
*gave doula advice
*catch up on my emails/websites
*finish prepping
*sent out the minutes and a few other things
*reviewed websites that we work on
*made K's gifts for his class (all 27 people from his class and friends)
*pictures for each

It's a good day. Here is a pictures of K's class gifts:

Girls Gift:


Boys Gift:


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