Friday, March 2, 2012

Crossblog from my photo blog

This post is from my photo blog:

I have this bad habit. And this incredible husband! See... when I want something I walk up to Arnold, put my arms around his waist and say "ummmma....". And he knows. He just knows! I'm always surprised how he catches on but I guess that's what happens when you have been together this long!

My "ummma" moments have been things like a doughnut from Tim's, a milkshake, and his favourite one to quote is "a score blizzard with an extra shot of caramel".

Last week I had the doughnut one. And this week I was craving twizzlers. I even planned on buying them when I went out to get groceries but I never did. So hubby bought me some on Monday night. Isn't he nice? He dropped me off at aqua fit, filled up the tank with gas, and brought me back the car. When I got in after aqua fit there was a full tank of gas and twizzlers on the seat beside me. I love that man.

Here are my "ummma"s:


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