Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy May!!

I realize I am a day late but Happy May Day! It's such a busy month for us!

Today I had my final blood test and thankfully my levels are back to normal!
Tonight we are taking the boys to the zoo to see the white Tigers, new to the zoo this year!
Tomorrow Arnold and the boys are going to a musical after school. They are going to see "In the woods" that is being put on by the school.

Friday, Arnold is taking the van to work and then picking up his parents at the airport!   We are SUPER excited to have them visit us on their fly-over to Holland.  One of the bonus points of living in Toronto is that they can stop by to see us before they fly over.  We are excited to have them staying with us until Monday.  Our big plans, so far, are going to St. Jacobs (don't worry I'll take pictures) and then maybe on Sunday do the Africian Lion Safari!  Arnold and I haven't been there since we got married 8 years ago and Q and K have never been there!

The weekend after Kyler has a birthday party to go to (still need to stop at Toys'R'Us and pick something up) and while he is at the party I"m going to be at a bridal shower for one of the ladies at our church.
Sunday is MOTHERS DAY!  (please take a moment to remind my husband if you see him)

The weekend after we are heading to Sarnia to help my parents open up their pool.  We are also going to snag Amber and Lisa on the way down so we can have someone else for the kiddos to play with!  That and I"m sure they miss their Nana and Papa too!

The weekend after is the last weekend in May and Arnold and I have some plans, nothing big but plans none-the-less. 

Also this month Arnold and I will have been married for 8 years!  I can't believe it's been that long :)  I have a babysitter for our anniversary and I think we are going to celebrate at The Keg for dinner!  Can't wait!

I'll be back with pictures soon I promise.  For now enjoy the nice weather!

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