Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sometimes We are just Random!

Sometimes, We are just Random in our house :)
Tonight we were eating supper and checking out a friends Minecraft Pinterest Page.  I started to check out more food.  And then I saw more cookies and cake... ummm cookies and cake!
I declared "Lets make cookies!" 
YES!!!  Said Kyler and Quinton.
And that was that!
After the boys were done supper we pulled out my new kitchen aid mixer.  But after opening it, and checking out the colour I convinced Arnold I really wanted the purple or blue one.  Arnold LOVES this one but it's my gift and I've wanted it for SO long.  So I'm going to be exchanging it, as soon as I find the gift receipt in my bags. 
We figured it was a bit of an overkill for a packaged peanut butter cookie mix.
So bowl in hand we got set up on the kitchen table.
Kyler helped measure everything out and did great.  We even got to use my new scoop!  I now want it in every since size! 
Quinton joined us and we criss-crossed the cookies and put sugar on. 
And part of cooking is cleaning up after yourself:
After cooking them the best part was:
Anyway.. sometimes in my family we are just random!
after looking at these photos.. I need to start using my normal camera and not just my phone :P 

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