Tuesday, August 19, 2014

As the summer whines down.....

Today is chilly.  Or at least it was at 7am when my husband, God bless his soul, went outside to check on our little campers. 

It reminds me of how summer is coming to a close.... or in my house "whining" down.  Seriously... whining.  The kids the last few days/weeks have started to get this grating tone in their voice.  Halfway between a whine and a cry.  With a bit of a "I'm smarter than you are" feeling to it.

I'm done :)

I'm done with summer.

Don't get me wrong.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE summer time.  I feel so accomplished (generally).  It's like a fresh start for me.  A fresh start to get myself in order.  You know.. lose weight (I gained), be more active (my butt print is in the kitchen/living room chairs), go biking (nada), and spend more time with the kids (check!)

But now I'm done.

Completely over it.

I'm ready for school

Who's with me?!?

I saw a facebook post today from a friend of mine that I wanted to share:

There's really nothing as effective as school vacation to make me think that teachers aren't paid enough for what they do. Particularly good ones, which we have been fortunate to have here so far. Thank you, teachers!! (Now, can school start up again before I lose my mind?!)

It's just how I feel.  Completely.  I'm ready to get back to school before I lose my mind.  And to those great teachers who take care of our kids!

As my summer comes to a close (I'm back to "work/volunteering" next week) I want to say that it has gone well.  My kids have done 4 weeks or organized camps, 1 week of "Camp Heslop" and 2 weeks of chilling.  Next week they hang out at home with Uncle Jack for a large portion and help me out at the school!

I'm excited to see how my planning for my program I will be running at school goes this year.  I'm excited for the changes that are happening (Kyler going into grade 4 and Quinton into grade 2).  I'm excited to see how the classroom I volunteer in changes.  We have so much planned and so many cool ideas.

I'm just excited for a new season in our lives.  My family thrives on routine and going back to school is a great one!  It should be amazing!

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