Tuesday, January 13, 2015


There ya have it!  It's that new years resolution time and everyone is "Trying" something new.  Or different.  Or even something they have done year after year and never completed it.


Am I the only one?

Well I'm back at the gym (been going since September - minus December) and I'm really enjoying it.

I'm also back drinking more water.  I was going to write "back drinking" but I thought that could be bad :)

I'm also trying to get back to the blog a bit more.  I have all these posts in my head but they never get down to my fingertips. 

Our life is so busy that sometimes I forget to just chill out and enjoy my family, just the way they are.

This Month we have no birthdays in the house (even though it's Aunt B's Bday, Kasmira's Bday and Grandpa V's Bday, and Uncle Jason and Aunt Sasha's anniversary - yeah 11 years!)  so we aren't too busy that way.  But it doesn't stop our boys from planning out their birthday parties already.  I'm dreading the bills.

We do have a lot going on at school so that keeps us busy as well.  Here's hoping we can get though it all!

Well, I'm off to help out with some math and get some reading finished!  I'm "Trying" to help from my seat behind the computer but it's not working!

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