Thursday, January 29, 2015

Working out like a crazy person!!

I'm proud to say that my goal of working out every week is going well!!  We, my friend and I, have been going at least 3 days a week since school started.

Lori, my neighbour and best friend, is working out with me.  We both have goals, but right now it's just to be healthy.

I can honestly say after working out with Lori last year (Sept to November) we had a blast!  I was able to talk with someone every day, and work my ass off.  Well... sort of.  I don't have one to begin with, or maybe I do?

Anyway... back on track here!   I'm so blessed to have Lori to work out with.  We have been burning, according to the machines, about 500 calories in 50 minutes or so.  It's great to know we can do that.

For the first 2 weeks we did our normal "hills" program, and then this week we have been attempting the "Personal Trainer" set.  And oh my gosh!!  It just about killed us.  For the first time since September we were hurting after workouts.  Not that bad kind of hurt but the good kind!  I can actually say, that 24 hours after my last workout and I'm not going "OHHHHHH" when I stand up!!

I've been feeling good about myself.  I made a huge effort to get rid of some of the clothes I was hanging onto.  Not the bigger clothes (I have kept one pair of pants to see how truly big I was when I get down a bit) it was the smaller clothes.  You know those ones that you "dream" about?  I was so loving those outfits, but after them being in plastic bags for 2 years... yeah they aren't going to go on me anytime soon.  I've donated them to our school clothing drive!  I figured someone else who IS that size should enjoy them.  And for now I wear what I have.

That brings me to today.  I felt really good about myself this morning and I put on a yellow tank top (to combat the ickyness outside) and had my trusty grey hoodie on it.  I felt great!  And then I got to school.  At lunch time I had to ball up the hoodie to fit in my coat to wear it warmly and one of the little boys said "Ms. V, why are you so fat?"  To which I showed him my hoodie and explained it.  He went  "ahh ok!".

Then I was standing inside with my coat overtop of my clothes and waiting to take a child out to the bus.  One of the little girls in another class said "do you have a baby in your belly?"  "Nope!  sorry kid!"  The teacher goes "Sorry!"  Really though... it doesn't phase me anymore.

Now I'm having "one of those days".  I never realized how much a little comment like those could start to bother me.  I'm sure it has to do with other things but my day seemed to get worse.  I went from having a great bright day to feeling "fat" to feeling walked on in class to feeling just plain "done" with working out.

Thankfully Lori came to the rescue!  She and I are heading out tomorrow afternoon to kick ass working out!  I'm very excited for another day at the gym.  It's not longer one of those things I want to do.. but more so something I NEED to do.  Working out is a great stress reliever!

Here's to working out tomorrow and kicking some ass :)

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