Wednesday, July 6, 2016

That next step in time

8th Floor,
Cute boy across the hall,
Look-a-like twin a few doors down

First year in University!

I loved Kings.  I still do.  I remember all my time there very fondly.  It was an amazing time to meet new people, hanging out without parents checking in all the time, learn new things, and just absorb everything there is to university life, and a new city.

But this one person.  This one person lived next door to me on the 8th floor.  She didn't have a roommate (or maybe she did for a bit but not too long).  I always found her kinda weird.  She was *way* older than us (read maybe 15 years) and she was just odd.  It was her first time coming to university and, in my opinion, she should have been married with kids by now.  (See what was on my mind?)

Slowly I got to know her.  She helped me out when my mom came when I was sick.  She would give me a place to study on my own.  She drove us places (Walmart was "so far" to walk).  She would always help out where she could.  She really, truly was an amazing person.

I still remember, end of first term, there were 4 of us who went out for dessert.  She drove me and another friend from the music department and Arnold met us there after work.  Arnold and I weren't dating.. AT ALL.  But that night.. he asked if I wanted to keep talking.  I looked at Shannon (who drove me) and gave her this "what do I do?" look.  She offered to take my friend back to school and I stayed with Arnold.  And so it all began.

She was one of the first people who knew we were engaged when we came back to REZ.  It was after quiet time and we were so excited.  Screaming and jumping up and down started it.  She was so happy for us.

She was even at our wedding.  She was one of the few people from Kings that was able to fly out for the wedding.  It was awesome to see her there.  She was always able to make us laugh.  And she cried and cried during the wedding.  When I asked her why, she kept telling me that she was so excited to see everything come full circle.  Us meeting, dating, getting engaged, and now getting married.

When we found out we were pregnant with Kyler she was, again, one of the first to know.  She was even more excited.  She came up to the hospital to see us and say congrats.  She really loved on our family.  It was like having an older sister.

She had the best dog.  His name was Freckles and every year on my birthday she would send me a video of her and Freckles singing "Happy Birthday" to me.

We went to visit her when Q was about 18 months old on our first trip to Alberta.  She was so fun, even then! 

While we grew apart, and didn't talk or email much, she is so loved by our family.

Today I got a message from a good friend telling me she had passed away.  After some quick googling, it was true.  I have no idea what happen to my dear friend but I miss her just the same.

Shannon, you were just what my 20 something self needed in university.  I will never forget you, your friendship and your family.  I'm sure you are rejoicing with God's angles right now.

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