Monday, August 6, 2012

1 more month!

Can you believe it's only one more month until school starts?  The boys keep asking when is school coming, or if tomorrow is a school day.  Every time we try to explain how much longer we have to go but I think at 7 and 5 they don't quite understand.

We made an effort in July to be working on some school work but as things went on it didn't get done.  We did a week or so at my parents house when they both did work but after that things lagged.

I'm going to try and fix that this month.

We have started our "get ready to go back to school" routine already.  Yes I realize this may seem crazy to some people.  I mean really we have 1 whole month before we do go back to school but I need to know things are ready.

Last night we spent about 1 hour going through the boys clothes, the ones in their drawers, the ones in our "too big box" and anything we could find.  We figured out just what the boys need for school and added it to our list of shopping for the new year.  Thankfully it's not that crazy!!

In the next few days we are going to head out for our back to school shopping and get the boys ready for Grade 2 (oh my gosh!) and SK!

I'm going to be heading to the school soon to get some more gardening done there and eventually get my pass for volunteering in the school.  Hopefully we can get it done soon :)

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