Thursday, August 16, 2012

Little Blessings

This week, along with our whole summer, we have learned to watch for little blessings.  They can be anything from Quinton learning to snap his fingers (yeah!!!) or my grandfather coming home from the hospital (double yeah!!)

Sometimes little blessings are hard to find.  Other times they are so easy.  If I looked hard enough I could find a little blessing every day. 

For example, today's little blessing include:

Ian being able to play on his own
Uncle Jack playing with the boys so I could get some things done
Me BBQ'ing and not burning anything (it's a first)
Arnold being able to stay home a bit longer this morning to help me out
Q learning to snap his fingers, and
K learning to whistle more (much to some of our dismays!)

I know this isn't all of them but it's just a "smattering" of them. 

God grants us with little blessings.  It's just a matter of looking for them every day.  I believe I may challenge myself to do that for a while.  Find those little blessing and be grateful for them.

So, for now God, please keep sending them my way.  And please remind me to look for them!

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