Monday, September 17, 2012

Do you blog? I... did.

I was going through my bookmarks today on my computer and I"m surprised at how life changes so much.  When I first started to use the bookmarks everything was about, finding a house in Toronto, libraries, kid things, what to do with kids in Toronto, the weather, my online "family", and more. 

Now things are coming around again.  I find I'm starting to bookmark things that are about babies, what to do with kids in Toronto and my online families.  But I'm also bookmarking things like sports pages (kyler), online games (quinton), wii games for kids (both boys) and so much more.  Many more things that I ever thought I would.

I also went through my bookmarks of blogs.  I personally LOVE to blog.  I may not get to do it as much as I could but I love blogging.  It kinda gives me a place to put my thoughts down and enjoy the fact that while they are private thoughts, sometimes they help people. 

As I travelled through my bookmarked blogs I noticed alot of people stopped blogging.  For example, a friend of mine from online.  She last blogged in November 2011.  It was a post about her family getting a new front entry way.  At first, I was a little bummed that nothing else had been updated, but then I remembered how much her family has changed.  She is now expecting #3.  They have refinanced their house and had to do some work on it to complete everything.  As well as with working as a nurse and her oldest starting school it's super busy.

Another favourite blog of mine hasn't been posted in for a few years.  This mama of 2 girls and a boy is so busy with her photography business and her own work as well as taking care of those cuties, it's no surprise that the blog hasn't been updated.

One more of my well lurked blogs is a friend of mine who went to Ireland.  She is there on a missions trip.  With being so busy during the summer (like most people are) blogging has slowed down.  I really miss her updates and her joys and struggles and well as prayer requests.

While I miss reading my blogs and seeing them updated all the time I can't make people do it :)  But for now, I promise to try and blog a bit more.  And yes, I'll try and include pictures :)

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