Saturday, September 1, 2012

You Can't Make Me!

You Can't Make Me go back to reality, not yet at least :) 

I'm writing my blog post from my parents house in Sarnia.  Last Saturday we headed out from Toronto, 4 little kids in tow and drove to Amhurstburg Ontario.  We left the house around 10:30am or so and arrived at our "cottage" around 4:15pm.  What a trip!  We had lunch, and 2 potty/walking breaks.  And when we arrived we loved it!

This place was a castle!  It had 1 master bedroom with a king size bed, a view of the beach and an ensuite bathroom/shower/walkin-closet.  The room next to it was a queen size bed.  Then a bathroom, which could be closed between the sink and the shower/toilet side.  Then another room with a double bed and finally the room Arnold and I had.  A King size bed with a beautiful view of the beach.

The main level had a family room/dinning room.  A large kitchen with a mini eating area there (table with 4 chairs) and then another area for sitting and watching TV (number 2) and a few sitting chairs.  Sliding doors to the deck and then a mudroom/laundry room with a door outside and a bathroom.   And still another bathroom and a den with a pull out couch. 

WOW what a house!

Outside was a deck off the sliding glass doors/mudroom door and then 2 steps down.  You walked to the back yard and another deck with a picnic table and umbrella and 4 chairs to sit on.  Then a few steps down to the beach and you had wonderful sand to play on, a mini layer of seaweed that had washed up on the shore then the wonderfully warm water (which got cooler as the week went on).  It was a beautiful beach, beautiful cottage, just beautiful!

We spent time on the beach, in the house playing games, a trip or 2 into walmart, out on the fishing boat we borrowed, sleeping/napping, and 1 day out at a little play area/animal farm/greenhouse.

All in all a wonderful vacation.  I managed to read 3 books, nap, take some pictures, nap, never cook (THANK YOU BECCA!!), nap, play on the beach, nap, and just enjoy myself!

This will be the last vacation like this!

Now we are at my parents house.  We head out tomorrow morning after breakfast and drive up to Owen Sound to deliver the boat we borrowed.  Arnold and Lisa LOVED the boat, so much.  It was well worth it.

Our plan is to get home to Toronto Sunday night and use Monday to prepare for school.

Our life will be changing this September.  K and Q are back in school, we have a new daycare girl for before and after school care and we have Ian, until December when his mom goes on mat leave.  I'm hoping to work at the school at least 1 day a week and help out in Mr. Browns class.

I hope to update with some pictures soon.  For now... You Can't Make Me go back to reality :)

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