Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wait, what's that? Right... quiet!

Our lives are slowly getting into pace.  And I'm so thankful to God for that.

The first week in September Kyler and Quinton announced our "family secret". 

We are expecting.

And we are worried, scared, and frightened that after telling the boys, and our family, that something bad will happen.  I think it's something you never get past after a miscarriage.  I mean we SAW Baby Casey's "sac and egg".  There was no denying that there was a baby growing in there and every day, every hour, every minute past the miscarriage date we praise God. 

We thank him for our blessing growing inside me.  We are excited, blessed, and so happy for this little one.  Every morning and every night our little bean gets more kisses and hugs than I do!  She/He is so loved by Kyler and Quinton (not to mention mom, dad, Nana, Papa, Grandma, Grandpa, and everyone else!).

We told family and friend at the beginning of the month about this blessing from God.  We even got to show off a little photo of our bean!  My ultrasound tech was AMAZING and let me have a picture of our little one early (9 weeks and 4 days) so I could show the boys where this little one was.  And what does Quinton do with the photo?  Runs back to his teacher and goes "Look what's in my mommy's belly!!  And it's my Birthday Present!"

After that it was a free for all.  I told the girls at youth group, my friends(family) online, Arnold told his work, we told the people who we talk with all the time and everyone is excited.  We are surrounded in prayers for this little bean.  And I know, more than anything, that we are blessed. 

Kyler started school with Mrs. J.  He loves her!  He loves his class, his teacher, his friends, and the fact that things aren't *too* different from Mrs. B from last year (I will post pictures soon).

Quinton is an SK and he isn't learning much this week.  He's informed all of us after school that this first bit of school is for the JK's and not the SK's.  They aren't learning anything (haha).  He loves that he has Mr. Brown again and that his friends are with him in school.  I don't have the heart to tell him that one of his best friends will be leaving for 4 months + in a few weeks.  I'm so worried about him and how he will react.  But so far so good.

Arnold's doing alright at work.  Still getting into the grove after being gone for vacation for a week and a bit he isn't happy all the time.  But that's ok.  September seems to do this to everyone.  This weekend Arnold has headed up north with some friends from Church and is going to a men's conference at MBC.  He is excited to be going and really enjoys the speaker.

Which brings me to me :)  I'm doing ok.  So far no morning sickness, however I do have some times where I'm *sure* I'm throwing up but nope :)  Q and I had the flu last weekends so we are getting over that.  I'm enjoying my days.  I've got energy again (thank goodness) and I'm loving it.  I've volunteered in Q's class about 4 times so far this year.  It's alot of fun.  On the days I don't have Ian or Dr's appointments/ultrasounds, I'm in Mr. B's class.  I've also got an invite to help out the music teacher/librarian as well.  It's nice.  I'm enjoying helping out in the school.  I've labeled all the workbooks, the bell work, anything that goes home, stuffed mailers, got the reading folders ready for the SK's, helped with snacks, the paint centre, backed bags and unpacked bags, as well as getting anything and everything I can to make Mr. Brown's job easier.  Thankfully, it has been nice and easy and chilling out around the school.  It's fun. Really. 

Our typical day looks like this:
6am - up to pee, I swear sometimes it's earlier!
6:30am - Arnold's alarm goes off
6:45am - out of bed and upstairs
7am - News time!  and breakfast
7:30am - on days that Ian comes, he shows up around this time
8:15am - Sophia comes over
8:35am - out the door and off to school
8:50am - everyone in school (volunteering if no Ian, if Ian, come home)
11:10am - head to school to get Q and Sophia
11:30am - home and time to clean up and have lunch
12:45pm - nap time for Ian (depending on pickup times)
1pm - TV/Movie off and kids outside or downstairs to play while Ian naps
2pm - back upstairs/inside and colour/read book time
3pm - off to school to get Kyler
3:30pm - home from school and Sophia picked up
4:30pm - time to make supper!
5:30pm - Ian picked up
6pm - eat! (earlier if we can)
7:30pm - bed time!

Mondays (in October) are Aqua fit
Tuesdays (first of the month) are the C&C/Young Adult dinners
Wednesdays are youth/mens bible study/school council meetings (oh yeah, Arnold got nominated for Treasurer:P)
Thursdays are swimming (in October) or Arnold's running around day
Friday we travel (if going somewhere) or we seem to have some plans that day.  It keeps us very very busy!

Today the boys and I are home alone (as I said before Arnold is up north) so we have done some running around, cleaning, gardening, more cleaning, and had lots of fun...

Can you believe it... it's quiet!  NO WAY!  Yep... it's quiet in my house (hence the blog post).  My boys are napping.  Thank you Lord for little mercies like naps :)

My turn!  Have a great weekend!

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