Monday, April 22, 2013

Marriage Mondays ~ Dress to Impress

I know this one is going to get me into ALOT of trouble but here it is anyway.

I try to do things for my husband to make him happy, excited, and want to be with me.  Not that he doesn't *want* to be with me... see this is already getting me in trouble!

Last year after we lost Otis I said I needed to figure out who the heck I am!  This includes losing weight, trying out new things, and part of it is not dressing "like a mom".

When Arnold and I met we were in university.  We lived across the hall from each other.  And while I didn't totally care what I was wearing (but mind you I only packed my "good" clothes) I was careful what I wore. 

When I got sick I was ok handling people, including Arnold, see me in PJ pants and a t-shirt.  In fact that how I spent most of my second year... in PJ pants and t-shirts.  Not because I was sick but because I just didn't care anymore. 

Slowly I began to realize I can't live in my pj's so I started to find something that worked for me.  But being plus size and being in university, clothes weren't always the top thing for me to afford.  Shirts were a lot of money, unless you got them at Walmart, and pants were always way more.  I still remember buying my first "performance" shirt to do a duet with my friend Lyle.  It was this blue shirt with sliver glitter lines in it.  So wonderful.  I *just* tossed it in the donation pile last month.  It was about $60.00 and I was so worried about wearing it too much to ruin it.

Now I'm still figuring it out.  I'm currently in jeans and a t-shirt writing this out.  I've begun adding new things to my wardrobe that my husband likes, or encourages.  Some things I'm not fond of.  Others I'll "try" and still others I love more than anything.  I've found in the past 5 months I have spent more on clothes than I ever have before.  And I'm ok with that.  I'm beginning to wear things that are less "mommy" and more "adult" ish.

Back to my dress to impress title.  Dress the way your husband enjoys, if you can.  I'm not saying if you are a plus size woman and your hubby like skin tight clothes you should wear that.  I'm saying dress how you are comfortable, dress how you look good, and remember that your husband likes how you look.  I was once told to dress and look good when your husband gets home from work.  Remind him what a wonderful person you are so he keeps coming home to you. 

My husband loves to have me dress with necklaces and earrings.  Small change but something he loves.  And I love to impress him!

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