Sunday, April 7, 2013

Quinton Update ~ March

My monthly update on Quinton.  What a silly boy!  Ever since his brothers birthday he has been counting down the days until his own.  I'm pretty sure he likes it when it's Uncle Jack's birthday cause he knows he has one more month until it's his turn to celebrate. 

Q has been so into things.  He loves Skylanders, which was his brothers birthday gift.  He loves playing the games, attacking the bad guys and winning missions.  Seriously this boy can tell you anything you want to know about Skylanders.  He can relive every moment and totally beat your bum on anything you have wrong. 

Quinton also loves anything to do with dragons.  Dragons and dinosaurs.  The boys just watched some episodes of "Riders of Burk".  Quinton is all over that one as well.  He loves it so much.  He can tell you all about the dragons and what they can do, how to "save" them and what he would do with each one.  I'm always surprised at how much he can take in and to what detail he can tell it back to you.

He has been enjoying reading with us and is always upset when he doesn't go up a level at school for reading.  I'm very impressed with his ability to "stretch out words".  When Q doesn't know a word he sounds it out.  He does this by putting his hands by his mouth and pulling it out, as if stretching/pulling bubble gum out of his mouth.  It makes me giggle sometimes but it totally works for him.

Quinton's writing has improved a lot as well.  Every time he does his nightly reading he shows off the writing to me to ask if it's good enough, or neat enough.  Each day he is improving little by little.  I still can't see his letters being capitals or small letters but it works for now.

This past month was hard on our little man.  He is so caught up with everything Otis I'm never sure what to do.  Lately he has been having nightmares and crying in his sleep.  So we put him in with our CTG and are going to sessions.  So far nothing has been said yet, as we had to reschedule his meetings, but I'm hoping we get some where with him.

Quinton's is slowly ready for the outside.  I'm pretty sure the nice weather we have been having is also helping out with him being more and more excited about going outside to play.  He asked if we could garden the other day.  I'm not ready for him to do the garden work yet, mainly cause the ground is still frozen but hey, whatever works right?

It was a fluke that I managed to get this shot.  Auntie Leah, Uncle Pat and baby Grayson had such a great Easter egg hunt that the boys were moving so fast.  Q loved his visit with them and loved the hunt! 

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