Friday, June 7, 2013

My 6 Month Check Up

Yesterday I had my 6 month PP Check up with my Blood Pressure Dr. 

I'll fully admit this one scared me more than anything.  I was so worried things would go wrong, I'd get bad test results and it would just be horrible. I voiced my concern to Arnold and he booked the day off.  Everyone, except Quinton, had some kind of appointment yesterday.

First off our day was crazy.  We were up, fed and out the door with Kyler by 6:45am.  That in itself is a HUGE deal as K is our "teenager" as far as sleeping and eating go.  He would rather be sleeping than getting up so early.

The boys (Arnold and K) dropped me off at work and headed to their dentist appointment.  Kyler's tooth needs to be polished down (as his jaw is still working a bit lopsided) or just pulled (as his Adult tooth is there already).

They went home and Arnold walked them to school and did some talking to people for his accountant duties for the Parent Council.

While I was still at work Arnold had his physical to do and then came to my work.  I left around noon and we went to Subway for lunch.  (thankfully Jack had the day off so he went and got Q from school)  While Arnold and I were at lunch the boys school called and Kyler hurt himself.  He has a tiny split on his knee and she wanted us to come and look at it if we could decide what to do.  The school board can't do anything but rinse it with water and put a band aid on it.  So we brought our "on the go" polysporn spray and stopped by to look at it.  A tiny split but not too worried.  Kyler let me spray it on (with a few tears) and then we put a butterfly band aid on it and another one on top just to keep it in place and then we were off to race to the hospital.

I went up to the 7th floor (silly maternity floor) and Arnold stopped by the lab to double check his recs from his appointment and what he needs to do.  I was sitting there blogging on my fitness blog and I realized... I didn't take my BP meds that morning!  How could I have done that!  And on such an important day!

Thankfully my BP was only 139/92.  Truly not that bad considering no drugs and on my least favourite floor in the hospital.

So we went in and talked with her.  I fessed up that I had forgotten to take my meds that morning and she wasn't too worried.  She said I'm on the boarder of not taking them or taking them.  While I'm on them my BP is *PERFECT* so now it's more of lifestyle changes than anything.  I'm staying on the drugs until we know for sure.

As far as lifestyle changes that includes, cutting back on my salt (little to none), watching my calories, and exercising.  Also getting my BMI to a reasonable number.  Right now my BMI is horrible. I need to weight 118 - 155 lbs to be in the proper BMI number. 

My dr told me to lose about 1 pound per week.  From what I weighted June 1st (which was the number we were going off - 239lbs).  I need to lose 84 pounds to get me right at 155.  So one pound a week... that's over 1 year of losing weight. 

Right now I go back and see her in September.  It's 18 weeks away.  So my goal is to be down to 220lbs by then.

So my tests results:

I was tested for anything and everything and we even added a few.  I was reading more about BP and I noticed one common thing was diabetes and I was scared about that.  I also wanted my thyroid to get tested.  So I did my blood work and was sent home with a 24 hour urine collection container.  I did that and brought it back to them.

EVERYTHING came back A-OK!!!  Negative for diabetes, negative for thyroid issues, negative for Lupus (something that is a big reason for BP issues), negative for protein in my urine. Kidney function normal; liver function normal.  Everything was wonderful!  I was told the only thing that was "up" was uric acid (sp) in my urine.  She said it comes when you may have a higher chance of getting kidney stones.  I told her I had already had kidney stones when I was in university and she said "oh well that's it!". 

So everything is ok.

I have the choice of taking myself of my own meds but I'm a little worried about that.  So instead I'm going to go back and see her in September.  Partly so I can get a script refilled (I could at my family dr if I needed) and partly to have that motivation to get down my 18 pounds before I see her.

All in All, I'm happy with how things are going. 

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