Thursday, December 12, 2013

6 more days!

That's right!!  6 more days!

This mornings board at school was our nice reminder that there is only 6 more days of school left!!!  Which for teachers (who weren't counting today) it was really 5 days!  One whole hand!

Last night was our Christmas concerts at school.  Actually, one was in the afternoon.  But they were great.

Our week has been busy!

On Monday we dropped off our teacher gifts!  Mr C (Q's teacher) got a "book of gift cards".  Ms. G (K's teacher) got a jar of gumballs and a GC.  Then the office staff and those I work with 1 on 1 got my "exploding box" gifts.

Tuesday was preparing for our concert.  It meant for a super duper busy day!

Wednesday got crazy.  A fun morning to get the concert ready and to get the kids excited.  Then lunch and onto the concert.  We had our concert from 1:30 until about 2:30pm.  Everyone was gone by 3pm.  Which is nice.  I even got my first "teacher gifts" :)  I loved it!

On Wednesday night. it was my boys turn.  The parent council did a great job with our baskets so I spent most of my time doing the raffle.  A friend of mine one the VIP seating.  It was big cushy seats at the front with no one in front of you.  It was great :)  I loved it!  Her hubby couldn't make it so I did.  We got front row seating, and they waited on you!  There was a bottle of water and a juice box to start.  Then you got a tray of grapes, cheese and cracker.  After the next group you got carrots/cucumber and dip in a cup.  And last was a tray with cookies on it!  It was all so great!  The kids did a wonderful job serving.

Then to add to the fun I won a basket!!  The boy basket.  I seriously bought 2 tickets and they were the ones in there :)  I'm so excited for it.

The boys sang so well.  You could hear Q over EVERYONE!  It was so funny.  And Kyler did a great job.  He did a little "saying of favourite things" during the first song in the microphone and the second song was a dance.  He loved it and did a wonderful job!

Then today... the "6 more days" of school left was so fun!  We all had a wonderful day, even with the wind-chill.  They called indoor recess for the classes.  So no one played outside in the morning.  All the kids came in ASAP and then we only went out for 10 minutes at lunch.  I swear it took more time getting the kids ready than it did to play outside!  We did play "What time is it Mr. Wolf?"  with them to have them run around a little then it was time to go inside.  We did a train to walk around and "pick up" everyone around the area then back to the gate and in the classroom.  I read the kids a book and then they were off to gym.  Great timing!

All in all a great day!

Here's hoping tomorrow is just as fun!  Then we are on our last week of school.

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