Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy Christmas!!

What a crazy few months this has been for us!  We have done so much in such a short period of time.  Here's a uber quick update:

Arnold - has been amazing and has bought our family a house, ripped up the flooring and a diving wall, redone the wall and ceiling, redone a new flooring, dealt with plumbing and a few other random things (the joys of owning a home!!)  He is doing ok at work.  We just had his kids Christmas party this past weekend.  All in all he is keeping busy

Kyler - Is really enjoying grade 3.  He loves Fridays when he gets gumballs if he was a good kid that week.  We got his report card and there are a few things for him to work on but generally doing ok.  His favourite thing is to watch mindcraft youtube videos right now. 

Quinton - loves loves loves mindcraft.  He is our little builder man.  He has spent hours building and destroying things on mindcraft.  He is doing well in school and loves playing with others.  Right now he is working on his printing.  We hope it gets better as time goes on.

Me - I'm doing ok.  Keeping super busy but it's going ok.  I'm down to one job now (only working at TDSB instead of at Forward as well) but enjoying it a lot!  I'm getting extra hours and slowly working on getting our house unpacked.

So for the general gist:

We started "looking" at home around the last weekend in September.  We got a phone number of someone who would be selling a house the Thursday before the long weekend.  Went to look at that house on the long weekend, put an offer in on the Monday (I believe) and had everything settled by that Friday.  It was such a short period.  We closed on the house October 22nd and began working on the house.   The carpet needed to come out, and the tiling in the basement, as well as the ceiling in the basement.  We had to put in new flooring (right down to the subfloor) upstairs, and put in some new carpet in the basement.

So far it's going ok.  It's "odd" owning a home but I'm loving it!

I'll do more of a home post soon but for now that's where we are!  Tonight we started our first day of advent with the boys and their lego advent calendar that daddy rushed out to get this morning.  Mama's been slacking on these things.

I'm excited to see how December goes for our Christmas time, as well as our first Christmas time in our new home!

I think next year we may stay in Toronto and celebrate here!!

Anyway... happy Christmas!!  I'll be back again soon, I promise :)

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