Saturday, May 24, 2014

Accidents happen

So Thursday was our anniversary!  I promise to post about that later but right now I'm here to talk about Arnold.

I got my normal text 'heading out' and I responded with 'see you soon.  Love you'.  The next time I heard from Arnold was 20 minutes later.  It was some woman calling and saying "is this Miranda?  I'm here with your husband Arnold.  He has been in an accident".  In my hear I thought , oh he fell and needs a ride home.  But nope.  This time it was serious.

" the ambulance is here"

My heart stopped.  I don't remember breathing.

I went into mama mode.  I had her call me back with details.  The kids threw on their shoes and we ran to Lori's house.  We were off.  I was pounding on her door and about to call her cell when she answered.  All I remember saying was Arnold was in an accident and was heading to a hospital.  She grabbed my babies and hugged them. 

I was gone.

The rest of my night was a blur.  Trying to get into the er.  Trying to get to Arnold.  Trying to get the Dr to explain what was going on.  Xrays and ct scans.  I was tired.

Thankfully we are OK.

Arnold is home now.  We are getting him moving.

He has some broken ribs, some brutal road rash and three deep cuts I need to take care of. 

Its going to be a long road to recovery.

We are learning new pieces of info on the way. 

Arnold's bike is completely trashed.  There is no way we could ever fix it.  The guys are surprised he is out of the hospital already... Or even alive.

Arnold blacked out for most of it.  We are OK with that.  Less pain to remember.

We totally know God was looking out for him.

Now we wait, rest, and slowly recover.

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