Thursday, May 8, 2014

All I want for Mother's Day...

When I was first a mother I dreamed of how my mothers days would go.  I thought I would get these amazing gifts.  They would be jewels and flowers.  And even more so of different gifts.  I would get people showing me all day that I'm  a wonderful mama and so incredible.

What I got was totally different.  Totally unexpected.  Totally better than anything I ever would have imagined.  And I love it!

I love every gift I have ever received from my kids.  The home made cards.  The cute crafts from school.  And the flowers. 

One thing I have noticed is that my ideas have changed.  While I love everything my kids have ever given me my gift ideas as a mother, wife, new home owner, has changed!

Instead of flowers for Mother's day, I want flowers for my gardens.

Instead of jewels for Mother's day, I want a few hours of hard work put into my laundry room

Instead of dinner out for Mother's day, I want a quick fast food meal so I don't have to get up and move to far.

And you know what... it's not just me!

Other mom's I've talked to want a few hours of house work/yard work or just one on one time spent with their husbands. 

One mom said she would love to have her husband spend some one on one time with her. Instead of logging onto his phone when the kids nap, check in with her.  They could sit and talk or just snuggle on the couch.  Nothing big.

One mom said why have jewelry she is afraid to wear when she could really use her husband to come with her on a shopping trip with her and the 3 kids she has.  She needs an extra pair of hands to help her out.  No complaining, no arguing.  She wants him to trust her judgment but to help her out with the kids.

One mom said she would rather have 4 hours of lawn work than anything else.  Her husband is heading off all over the place for the next little while and she wants to be able to use the back yard for her and her kids.  Why should she have to do all the work.  She wants someone to help her out with that.  Someone to help her with the lawn, make sure it's "post-storm safe" so she can play out there while they are gone.

I do notice one thing... time.  We all seem to want more of it.  To moms, time's not something we always use well or really have a lot of.  But if you can give us some more time it makes us happy!

This year, I'm not saying "forget the flowers" but I think you should check in and see what your wife really wants for Mother's day.

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