Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years Party Part 2

First of all


I hope that your New Year Eve was wonderful!  We had fun.  So to add to my photos from before here's kinda how it went:

We started at 5pm with the boys (see the balloon).  Q got to pop it (we used a fondue fork) and then we got started on our hunt!  Arnold delivered the gifts beforehand and we went on our walk to check them all out!

First was mag lights.  But somehow I didn't get a picture uploaded..

Second was airplanes:

After that was glowing glasses for us to see a bit better!

Then we had bubbles.  When it's freezing out you can get the bubbles to freeze!  So we did try but no luck:

We got home and Arnold had some time to read a book with the boys.  They are so cute.  Each of them began reading parts they remembered (for Q) or actually read some pages (for K)

Kyler popped 6 o'clock's balloon and we began our fondue:

And I just couldn't resist sharing this photo:

Quinton popped the 7 o'clock one and we began some Wii Games.  Everyone one a trophy:

Quinton didn't want to play wii but instead he won for the best hair!  Seriously it was GREAT :)

Kyler popped 8 o'clock and we had our meat fondue.  It was so good.  We also got to put on our "fat pants" AKA PJ's and we put on our new socks:

We had dinner and it went a bit longer than expected, and Q wasn't up for 9 o'clock (which was going for a walk) so we hung out at home.  But Uncle Jack did get to pop and K read it upside down for us:

Kyler popped our next balloon and we had dessert!  The chocolate was SOOO good!

After our dessert we ended up getting 11pm a bit earlier.  We got the bed ready for the boys (the couch) and we hung out until midnight:


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