Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First Times

I have been experiencing alot of "first times" lately.

There was the 1st time seeing the OB on Monday and not being pregnant
The 1st time going to the BP dr on Thursday with no one but my trusty man Q
The 1st time my meds have changed alot
The 1st time going to swimming lessons with the boys and seeing my friend who is having her baby this weekend
The 1st time going to my own swimming lessons and having to tell everyone that we lost the baby (it was known that we were pregnant)
The 1st time having to seriously explain to someone that if I did get pregnant again I could die
The 1st time going clothes shopping and actually knowing this was my size, no more "pre-post" baby body.  This is it (and getting better!)
The 1st time leaving the boys home with their uncle for a whole weekend!
The 1st time going on a couples retreat
The 1st time telling people we have "2 boys at home and 2 babies in heaven".

Alot of "1st times".

And I have to say, I may not have enjoyed every single one of them, but I'm slowly growing through them all.

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