Monday, May 6, 2013

Marriage Mondays ~ Being the "Mom"

Having a marriage is a lot of give and take.  We know that. Heck any relationship is a lot of give and take.

This past weekend we have had a lot of give and take.  I went to a concert that hubby loved, for him. I would have been completely fine staying home, or going to our church to watch the leafs play on the big screen.  But nope, I was in the car heading to a church that was showing a TobyMac concert.  Don't get me wrong, I like TobyMac.  He isn't my favourite artist but he is a good one.  And finally at the end of his concert he played my favourite song of his.  So that helped.

Then last night... we had a bit more of the "taking" on my part.  I NEEDED sleep!  So I took it.  Kyler came downstairs complaining of a tummy ache.  Arnold took care of him.  First tums, then a little while later, cleaning up when Kyler threw up.

Today I'm doing the "giving" part.  As is Arnold.  It's never a "give and take" at the same time, at least not normally for us.

Today I'm giving to my family.  I'm giving of my time, and I'm giving of the fact that I *hate* completely, undoubtly(sp), HATE cleaning up puke.  I'm just not "that" kind of mom. 

My mom can do it, no problem. 

There was one night I remember calling my mommy at 6am.  We had been up all night with the boys both throwing up and there was no food in our house, nothing for us, we had been at the hospital for 3-4 hours and I just needed my mama.  She came, with daddy, and they cleaned, brought food and helped to take care of the children throwing up so Arnold and I could get some sleep.  Then, they left, just as easily as they had come, and we were well rested and our children were on the mend and our house was clean!

Anyway.. so I'm not that kind of mom.  I don't do throw up, large amounts of blood or spiders very well. 

Today I'm giving of myself, and my time, and biting my tongue while I take care of my little guy who is sick.  It's a struggle as today is one of those "filled up with things to do" days but we are making it work.

Arnold is "giving" today as he goes to the airport after work and picks up complete strangers.  Their daughter needs surgery at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.  They are flying in from the USA and we are giving them a lift to help with the costs and to get them there comfortably.  I "know" them through a friend on a Bible Study group on Facebook.  I'm always surprised how things work out.

Sorry, today I'm so all over the place I'm positive this post doesn't make any sense!

But here it is. Sometimes you have to use your "Give and take" with your husband (another post on that later) and sometime it's just a part of being a mom/dad.

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