Sunday, May 5, 2013

May Bucket List

A few years ago a friend inspired me to make a "Bucket List" for the summer.  Things I really wanted to do for myself, the boys, my husband and my family in general.  Things I knew I would enjoy.  I came up with a "great" list.  By that I mean it always changed.  I added, removed and changed things.  It was wonderful for me to have.

Here's the example.  This is from June 2011

*Strawberry picking (it's happening soon!  The berries are ready tomorrow!)
*Jam making
*Exit interviews at school and Keli Program
*finish up our swimming lessons
*play dates with the girls across the road
*play dates with the new mommies and their babies
*Mini golf - the boys have wanted to do this since last year but I'm hoping this will happen during the summer
*Do Canada Day Parade
*Alberta Trip
*move downstairs
*zoo days (at least once a week)
*Bike rides at night
*go to the Toronto Islands at least once a month
*Camping (already planed for the long weekend and then again in August.  maybe we will try for one in July?)
*make sure the garden survives this summer!
*train for the tri and keep it up this summer
*boys soccer camp (in july - paid for and ready to go!)
*Get K more steady on 2 wheels for his bike
*Get Q ok with being in the water in Nana and Papa's pool
*have a "movie night" with the boys outside

While I'm still not sure what will be on my Summer Bucket List (which I would start next month) I know what I want to do this month.  (As you can tell I *love* lists, more than any person should be they are so fantastic!!  Really truly, the best thing ever)

My May Bucket List:

*continue working out every week day (every single day if possible)
*get up to date on my meals and my Marriage Mondays
*take the boys to the park every weekend we are home
*Complete the mothers day and maybe the fathers day gifts at school
*Do something fun for our anniversary
*Take the boys out for dinner
*Get Healthy! (all of us)
*work in my gardens and get some things planted
*Go for a bike ride with the kids
*Watch Kyler compete in his first track and field race
*Organize the boys room and get their summer stuff out!!!
*Have a movie night with the girls from youth group!
*Play catch with Kyler
*Scrapbook at least 2 pages!
*Lose 5 pounds (fingers crossed!)

So far that's it.  Here's to getting my bucket list done!!

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