Thursday, November 5, 2015


In my household ES days stand for "Emergency Supply".  These are the days when I get called into work.  Not just my normal work (FDK LRS) but some sort of emergency work. 
Today was my emergency supply for a SNA (Special Needs Assistant).  It was wonderful!  I worked with my best little man.  He and I have worked together before and I had a blast. 
It was fun to check out other things going on in the school.  We had music class together.
I do miss music class!!  But we had a blast.  This little dude had an amazing time and is fantastic at dancing!!
SNA isn't the only thing I supply for.  I've been an ECE, Teacher and EA!  I live each of those jobs too!!
But these days make my days crazy busy!  I always feel like this is much harder on me and the family.  It takes alot out of me and I get grumpy sometimes.
Thankfully my boys understand and my kids enjoy is having a bit of extra money :-)

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