Wednesday, November 4, 2015

So Proud!

Every once and a while (or more than that) my kids make me so proud I want to share it with the world.

Sometimes it is after a long week of struggling to get them to study their spelling words and they get 9/10.

Other times it is when they finally remember to bring home all their homework every day that week (the struggle is real in this house ladies and gents).

And still others are when our children come home with an honour.

This week Quinton came home with an extra piece of paper in his backpack.  It was a story, or part of a story, highlighted about the poppy and the wars that Canada has been in.

He has been working so hard on learning this and being able to say it in front of people.

While he tells me he is "shy" I know it's not true.  This little man is going to be amazing.

So on November the 11th at 11am while everyone is taking 2 minutes to remember those who have fallen and what they have done for us, please think of Quinton.  Send him a little love!!

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