Saturday, November 21, 2015

My Christmas List

I've been asked lately what is on my Christmas list.  And I have to say... I'm not sure! 

How sad is that?

I'm not sure what I want.  I've always thought Christmas was more of a "want" holiday.  But lately it has become a need.  Which, don't get me wrong, is wonderful!  But sometimes a "want" is funer than a "need".

I recently joined a group online called "40 bags in 40 days".  It was created by a woman in the USA who had lost her best friend and a parent within a few days.  After realizing how much stuff there was to go through for them she never wanted that to happen to her family when she passed on.

I've been following the group and getting incredible inspiration.  Last night, someone posted on the group:

"This year for Christmas I don't want stuff.  I want time."

She didn't want time to herself (but hey, that could be nice!), she wanted time with her grandkids.  She wanted time to get things in order.  And mostly she didn't want more "stuff" in her house!

I kind of understand.  I want to get stuff and time!

If I could find my perfect Christmas list it would be:

My mom, at my house, for 3-5 days.  During these days we would drop the boys off at school then attack a room or 2.  We would take everything out of the room.  Decide if it was worth keeping, donating or trashing.  Then repaint/touch up or do any minor repairs.  And put the room back together.  I'd go to work at lunch (for a break!) while my mom slept.  Then back home to do more work on the room(s).

My dad, breakfast date!  I would love to go out with my daddy and spend some time with him.  While is cancer is getting better, it is still a reminder that we have to spend time together when we can.  And I'd love a date day/meal with my daddy.

My brother, babysitting for a weekend!  So I could get away with my hubby.  We haven't done that in a while, and after spending time together this past weekend I realized we need more of it.

My kids - I'd take anything they give me!  Stuff or time!

My Mom and Dad in law, visiting!!  We love spending time with Arnold's side of the family.  If it is just going to visit them in Alberta, or spending some time at a vacation home or anything!  But we would love for them to come and visit us here in Toronto again.  We haven't been able to show them the house!  Arnold has said out loud more than once that he would love to show his Dad what he has done.  Mind you our house is small so I'm not so sure how visiting would really work!  Unless they borrowed and RV and stayed in the driveway (warmer weather) or a hotel nearby.

***Now please, if you are reading this and are listed above, do not feel like this is what I have to have, or anytime soon.  It's just something I'd love to see happen!

And yes, I'll still take gift cards for home depot :)  We have a second level, basement and a backyard to think about!!

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