Monday, November 2, 2015

It's just the beginning

Today was totally a Monday.

You know those Mondays when you feel like everything is going well, you are finally on the ball and then things start dropping away.

That was today. 

I had bags ready to go to school.  My tote was filled, I had 2 more bags and I was ready to go!

We got to school and I walked around and delivered all of my things to other people and slowly I got more done.  Then.... things went a little crazy.  The ECE in the room I work in was a little late this morning so I was trying to get things going in that room.   Just as things were getting in order our ECE showed up and I backed off to my "Parent Volunteer" role.

Then I forgot to go and check on a class that asked for help in the AM, and I blanked on getting a few things done. 

At lunch, one of my kids with an allergy ended up sitting beside a kid who brought something the first kid was allergic too.  Quick move and disinfectant on everything and we were back in the game.

Outside my kids have clued in about a certain student who is always getting in trouble.  And now they blame everything on him.  Today was just the beginning of "he took my shovel", but when I said I would watch them to see what happen again the kid said "oh, then never mind".

After lunch I got home and my dog was all wet from panting.  I don't know what to do about him.

Shortly after... I realized I forgot my new water bottle at school.

So getting ready for the gym was a bit of a challenge. 

And at the gym my besty's son called from school to go home so gym time was cut short ( family ALWAYS comes first!).

Supper I didn't have all the ingredients for, and picking up the kids seemed to be a bit crazy.

It was just one of those days.  It's the beginning of a week and so becomes a bit crazy.... but it's just the beginning

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