Saturday, December 26, 2015

Plans for 2016

Early last year I joined a group on Facebook called 40 bags in 40 days. This group is meant to help you clean up your house and get rid of 40 bags of garbage or donations in 40 days. 

The woman who started this group did it because she had 2 family members and a close friend pass away and after having to go through all of their things she realize she didn't want her family to do the same for her.

 I like the idea of putting into practice a lot harder than you think. I try to do a few bags every day or every week or every month, but it's not working so well.

Arnold and I have decided to put this into practice this year. We will be going to the house and cleaning up anything and everything we find. This means going through storage unit and taking a hard look at what we own and what we want to keep.

I came up with a plan to go through one section of the house each month take a hard look at everything and clean it up. This won't be as easy as it sounds but we should be able to get it done.

Here's to getting decluttered and organized this year!!

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